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    Post  Macone on Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:38 pm

    Some people in the shell who weren't registered on here were wondering how to do this so I'm posting it here so they can see it:

    Tired of everyone being too many different volumes in Ventrilo? Want everyone to be the exact same volume? Here's how to do it in Ventrilo.

    First, open Vent and click Setup

    Vent  Ventsetupy

    Next, make sure Direct Sound is checked, then click SFX

    Vent  Ventdirectsound

    Then you'll see a new window, select compressor and click add

    Vent  Ventcompressor

    It will immediately open a new window where you need to adjust some sliders

    Vent  Ventcompressorsettings

    Set the sliders to the roughly the same numbers in the picture. The only one you might need to adjust any further is Gain, which basically controls the volume. Turn it up if the sound coming in is too quiet, and turn it down if people are coming in too loud.

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